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For the love of lab

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This community is for all those who are owned by or have a love for labs and/or lab mixes. 
These great creatures come into our lives with everything to give, and we decided there should 
be a good place to express our love for them and share stories, pictures, and memories. Since 
this community is in its baby stages, as of now we only have a few rules.

Rules: ..Play nice. You may give advice and share stories and pictures, but please respect the opinions of others ..As moderators, we reserve the right to ban anyone at any time ..If you are posting pictures and they are large (use your discretion), please put them under a cut ..We don't bite!! If there is a problem please email us at lab.tales@gmail.com. Any suggestions to make this community better can be directed there as well ..If asking for veterinary advice, be forewarned that the answer you will get (unless it is a minor thing) WILL be 'go to the vet' ..We all love our dogs, and we all want the best for them - but as a community we disapprove of petstores and puppy mills. If you purchased your dog from either of these places, be forewarned that it is a hot topic, and if you get into an argument it isn't our fault. You are still welcome here, as long as you do not promote this way of coming into pet ownership. ..Breedism of any kind will not be tolerated. ..Posts expressing interest in breeding your lab will be deleted!!!
So what CAN you post? ..Posts about your lab, stories, memories, memorials and/or eulogies ..Advice requests (keeping in mind the aforementioned caveat re: medical advice) ..Pictures are always welcome! As well as any lab-related icons or graphics you might make that are up for snagging. ..Posts regarding the rescue of Labs or Lab Mixes (see note below) ..Anything else that does not impinge upon the above rules.
Rescue Posts While we support rescue, and encourage people to work together in this field, there are a few things that we do NOT support. Rescue posts are a bit complicated in terms of what we accept and what we do not accept: We Support: 1. Posts about labs in humane societies, rescues, shelters, etc. that are in need of help. ***Note! This means situations where the animal already has some defined assistance going on! We do not want a bunch of posts about 'Can you give this dog a home?' unless you are involved in SOMEthing (have someone to pull it from the rescue, have an adopter but just need a foster, are willing to aid the person willing to help them yourself, etc.). IF YOU BELIEVE YOUR POST IS A SPECIAL CASE: Please e-mail the mods with the dog's information and any pertinant links. We will make acceptions at our discretion, provided you follow this rule, and these cases will be posted ON YOUR BEHALF, by the Moderators*** This is so we don't have a large number of copy/pasted posts about animals that aren't in danger needing adoption. There are mailing lists for that kind of thing. 2. Transport requests are fine, provided they are already coordinated by someone. 3. Adoption/Foster requests from HIGH KILL SHELTERS. We Will Delete Unflinchingly: 1. Any posts about wanting to give up your dog 2. Any posts about finding homes for a PLANNED litter. (i.e. If you breed your dog, no posting. If you find a litter of pups and are fostering, that is fine.) 3. Any requests to breed your dog. In fact, if you post a request for a 'mate' for your dog, we will most likely publicly ridicule you before deleting your post. Still want to post about Rescue? Please format your post as follows: In the SUBJECT line, name the post " ** Name - (RESCUE) ** Please post a SUMMARY PARAGRAPH, and then behind an LJ-CUT, post more detailed information. **Pictures should go behind the cut. It's simple, it's easy, and it's all we ask. If you're still wondering how to make this type of post, please refer to this post as a great example.
This community was founded on the love of two lab mixes. Here are their stories: Chance (owned by my3babies and nkjohnson) Chance came into my life in late July of this year. He was rescued from a high kill shelter just outside of Savannah, GA by Southern Comfort Animal Rescue. Chance was only going to be a foster but he wormed his way into my heart and he found a loving, warm forever home with my husband and myself. Image hosted by Photobucket.com Chance: All dressed up with nowhere to go!
Sirius (Owned by deathwokclan) Sirius started his life off in one of the worst ways - as bait for fighting dogs. He was rescued by the Chicago Animal Control, and adopted into a loving home. Unfortunately, he was more than they had bargained for (and he is a little spitfire!), and so we adopted him when he was 1.5 years old. Image hosted by Photobucket.com (Sirius is shown here with his squeaky bone - a toy he has an almost unnatural obsession with)
and the newest addition! Dakota Frye (Owned by carrieish) Dakota was adopted from the animal shelter as a wee pup when her entire litter was surrendered. Dakota has had many joint issues but has overcome each and every one. She's been a wonderful, patient, amazing, bright, and beautiful addition to Carrie's family.
Some links you may find helpful: breedists_no A community to help stop breedism. dog_tales Another great community to share stories and pictures of your babies dogtrainers Have questions about training your pup? This is a great community to get answers from driveforlife For the transport of animals. allthingsdog dogs in general *If you would like to be added to our list, please e-mail the moderators*
IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BREEDING YOUR LAB, PLEASE VISIT THESE LINKS: Responsible Breeding Are you sure you're ready to breed?