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Nikki picture post

I've been meaning to post pictures of Nikki for a while. Nikki is my parents' dog and she lives with them, she was never mine to bring with me when I left home. I feel like she's one of my dogs-away-from-home since I still see her so often and bring her with me on my hiking excursions more often than not.
(and yes, she's a purebreed, she's just a very deep fox red in coloring. I get asked a lot, heh.)

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Totally a lab face...

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With my brother in law, Andy. Of course, she just wants his stick...or for him to throw it.

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(These were back when it was still pretty cold out, obviously.)

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I adore this picture of her playing with an icecicle.

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It was thawed out on the riverside versus in the woods, so it was all muddy.
Yeah, I had a stick to bribe pictures out of her with.

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Whoah...dirty dog :)

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The drive home is always quality resting time :)
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I don't know how in the world I missed this entry.
she's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty,
I love love love love absolutely love her coloring.
Aw, thank you!
I adore her coloring, I don't see many deep red "yellow" labs, I had a lab cross as a kid and he was a dark red because he was crossed with irish setter. So for me, seeing that whiter coloring on a lab seemed odd ^_^
haha, how funny!
dakota is totally a light lab. I would love to have a deeper red one.

(in addition to dakota, not instead of! hahaha)
Well of course in addition, the more labby fun the better ^_^ If I ever got a lab and had my color choice, I'd probably pick chocolate, I love that coloring for some reason. They aren't as common where I live as the blacks and yellows are, that probably has something to do with it....
you know, I reallllly wanted a chocolate lab puppy (I always have wanted a chocolate) but the shelter called me when a litter came in and they were all the color of dakota. I fell in love with two from the litter and kyla fell in love with one. I just couldn't resist her little ears - one that folded and one that flipped. ;) Dakota, a very light yellow lab, it was! ;)
I adore Dakota's ears I would not have been able to resist either. I love when Ein's eartips flip down and up when he's running really fast (but they mostly just stick straight up!)
hey, mind if I friend you? i always enjoy bumping into you in communities ^_^
haha - friend away!
but be warned I'm in the middle of a big move and all my entries refer back to it. yikes! ;)
Aw, thank you! Well who can blame you, moving is stressful...it was such an ordeal when I moved into my apartment, oh my.